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Chris Jacobs founded Juniper Research Group to help clients communicate policy ideas effectively. He did so after more than a decade’s worth of successes analyzing, advocating, and persuading in a variety of roles:

Writing: Chris has contributed analysis to the Wall Street Journal‘s Think Tank blog, and written op-eds placed in national sources such as the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today, and many others. His writing portfolio ranges from short, rapid-response blog posts to lengthy policy analyses, and everything in between.

Research: Chris has engaged in substantive policy research, on multiple occasions reviewing thousands of pages of documents as part of Congressional oversight efforts. He helped prepare an investigative report on a long-term care program the Obama Administration abandoned weeks after the report’s release, and subsequently served as a Congressional appointee to a commission on the issue. He has also summarized voluminous pieces of legislation, providing analysis used by Members of Congress, staff, and thought leaders.

Relevance: A recognized policy expert, Chris is frequently quoted by major national publications. While serving as a Senate staffer, he was cited by name in the New York Times on multiple occasions, and his research formed the basis of a Wall Street Journal column. In 2009, his research into House Democrats’ health care bill was read on a nationally syndicated radio program.

Results: Chris organized and managed policy rollouts for a new think-tank, helping drive national press attention to an eventual presidential candidate. His research into an Obama Administration appointee played a critical role in debate on that nomination. And Chris’ interest — and effectiveness — in policy runs deep; as a student in 2001, he developed a series of policy ideas that led his university’s President to scale back a planned tuition increase.

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Chris' Biography

Chris Jacobs, the Founder and CEO of Juniper Research Group and author of The Case Against Single Payer, has over a decade of experience in a variety of policy roles on and off Capitol Hill. He previously worked as Policy Director for America Next, a start-up think tank, and as a Senior Policy Analyst for the Heritage Foundation and the Joint Economic Committee’s Senate Republican staff. Before that, Chris worked as a Policy Advisor for the House Republican Conference under then-Chairman Mike Pence during the debate surrounding the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, and as a Health Policy Analyst for the Senate Republican Policy Committee during the first two years of the law’s implementation. He got his start on Capitol Hill as an intern for then-Congressman Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania.

While serving as Policy Director for America Next, Chris contributed to the Wall Street Journal‘s Think Tank policy blog. He has taught part-time on health policy at The American University, where he received his Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and History Phi Beta Kappa.