At Juniper Research Group, we provide a wide array of services and products to meet our clients’ needs:

Op-Eds: We have written articles placed in major national publications, from the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and Washington Post to Politico, USA Today, CNN, and National Review. These pieces provide an effective way to communicate important concepts to key constituencies.

Speeches: We can draft speeches for public or private events on a variety of issues, from health care to education to energy policy to general economics.

Books: Founder and CEO Chris Jacobs wrote one of the first books outlining the case against single-payer health care. We have also researched other books on a variety of topics, and ghost-written chapters of several others. From writing to editing to publication and anything in between, we can provide insights and suggestions on how to hone your book’s message.

Policy Briefs: We can craft short, crisp analysis of timely topics, to educate, influence, and persuade policy-makers on the state and national level.

In-Depth Research: We can complete major research projects that your organization may not have the capacity to undertake. From a 30-page summary of legislation totaling thousands of pages to an in-depth examination of Medicare reimbursement policy, we have a proven track record of producing quality, detailed analysis used and cited by influential thought leaders.

Other Writing and Research Projects: We can also provide other policy-related consulting and writing services not specifically mentioned above. Contact us to learn more!