Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Howard Dean Supports Dumping Workers in Obamacare Exchanges

In a debate on the health care law this afternoon, former Vermont Governor Howard Dean expressed support for the idea of employers dropping coverage, calling the recent findings from McKinsey that up to half of all employers could drop coverage “a good thing.”  (Makes you wonder why Democrats are sending McKinsey nasty letters.)  Dean went on:

The biggest thing we can do for small businesses is get them out of the healthcare business….If this bill does that, and all these small businesses dump their people into the exchanges, we will finally have broken the link between the employer and health insurance in this country.

In other words, employers are going to drop coverage in New Hampshire.  And they’re going to drop coverage in South Carolina and Oklahoma.  And they’re going to drop coverage in Arizona and North Dakota and New Mexico.  They’re going to drop coverage in California and Texas and New York.  And they’re going to drop coverage in South Dakota and Oregon and Washington and Michigan.  And the exploding federal subsidies on Obamacare won’t send anyone to the White House – they’ll send our nation to the poor house.